Welcome to Global Solutions 

Global Solutions is a one-stop shop for the development of Africa.  Our vision is to guide and assist companies and clients to work to successfully create opportunities of growth throughout the continent of Africa. We provide clients with impactful political intelligence and lobbying as well as support and leadership for business operations.  

Today’s world is connected.  We protect our clients’ reputation and interests abroad and in Africa.  

Let us create real roots for you. Everything can get done with the understanding of how to operate from the grassroots level. Africa is full of unknown risks and we are here to help you navigate and circumvent the risks. Let us allow you to make Africa your home with a foundation of authentic healthy roots.

Africa is changing rapidly. We understand that the complexity of the continent confuses not just outsiders. Here at Global Solutions we assist African firms and international clients alike in having success in Africa’s global market.

We emphasize the creation of innovative relationships for all parties trying to work in Africa. We fix the complex, frustrating and unreliable ground so that the job can be properly executed.

Our Expertise


We create an environment for businesses to run smoothly and successfully in Africa. We sort out the political, cultural and economic hardships and make it a safe environment for all business. Let us deal with fixing the risk while your firm can focus on growth.



Our job is to make sure you succeed in Africa.  We will protect your interests in Africa as well as with the international market and governments.  We are here to invest in your vision and make it a reality.



Africa provides the international market with the world’s natural resources. The opportunities in Africa are endless and exciting and the people and our continent are unlike anywhere else. Let us bring the greatness of Africa to you.  We work to ensure proper licenses, we solve logistical problems, we assist in financial matters, and we broker your commodities.  



We can navigate past the half truths, misinformation, and lies to provide actionable intelligence. To succeed in Africa it is imperative to be prepared to protect businesses from the countless unknowns and unpredictabilities.  It is the core of our expertise to understand how to transform the unreliable data into transparent and concise data.  Quality intelligence allows companies to make decisions before problems arise. Let us prepare you so you can have the opportunity to make sound decisions.

Security and Training


Safety is a must for all business and clients operating in the continent. We provide the best in security and training and understand how to make sure that these skills are immersed within the reality of the culture and any issues on the ground.



Africa has the untapped potential to be leaders in agriculture.  Global Solutions is working to end hunger and food scarcity. By ensuring good agriculture practices businesses will thrive on the continent.

Affordable Housing


By 2100, a third of the world population will be from Africa.  A middle class is growing rapidly.  Affordable housing is key to developing Africa.  We have the strategy to bring affordable homes to the African people. 


Fredrick R. Hyde-Chambers OBE


Fredrick R. Hyde-Chambers OBE is an Executive Chairman of Enterprise and Parliamentary Dialogue International.

Professor Julian Kossow


Julian Kossow taught as a Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center, where he won a Best Professor Award. 

Mr. Chip Andreae


Mr. Andreae supported Senator Lugar’s role as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and led numerous Senate staff delegations to the Middle East, Near East, Latin America and Africa.

Ambassador John Price


John Price served as United States Ambassador to Mauritius and the Seychelles. He is a member of the Council of American Ambassadors and CEO of JP Realty. 

Vice Admiral Rinaldo Veri


Admiral Rinaldo Veri is an Italian Naval officer. He was promoted to the rank of Ammiraglio di squadra (equivalent to Vice Admiral) on July 1, 2010 and assumed command of the naval forces of NATO Allied Joint Force Command Naples on 10 March 2011. 

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships