Hannah Newmark, COO


Hannah Newmark

Hannah Newmark graduated from Boston College with a dual degree in education and philosophy. Hannah worked as an elementary school teacher before moving into disability services. She managed group homes for adults with intellectual and physical disabilities in the US and Europe. She was disappointed with the lack of natural options used for healing the body topically and through nutrition. She became passionate about providing vulnerable communities with the tools to make healthier choices. Hannah went on to work for leading Washington, DC nutritionist Janet Zalman. Working collaboratively with Ms. Zalman, Hannah helped to brand and market a highly sought after nutritional supplement. Hannah’s top focus was creating a clean supplement that would provide her clients with better health.

While pregnant with her first child, Hannah developed severe eczema and adrenal fatigue. Passionate about clean products and living, Hannah was determined to

heal herself using nutrition and organic herbs and oils. She traveled throughout West Africa and Southern Africa studying indigenous fruits and herbs and their effects on her health. Hannah was able to heal herself completely naturally with the help of marula oil, and is eager to share what she has learned. She is passionate about clean products, organic farming, and maternal health. Hannah has marketed moringa for maternal health and milk supply and is a huge proponent of the healing powers of indigenous African fruits.