Patricia Parker, CEO


Patricia Parker

Patricia Parker was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The DRC is the most naturally resource-rich country, but because of systematic corruption the people suffer daily and millions have died. As a child, Patricia was a refugee in Swaziland because her family was forced to flee the DRC. It was living in Swaziland where she learned the necessity to empower refugees for the betterment of both the camp and the individuals. Her family later moved to Utah through the UN refugee program. Ms. Parker received her degree in Human Development: Family Studies and Finance from the University of Utah. Her education and experience helped shape the vision to start the non-profit: Africa Helpline Society.

Her non-profit experience gave her the idea that what Africa needs most is the creation of skills, knowledge and resources necessary for entrepreneurship. She created Global Solutions with the aim of providing jobs and new skills for the women; with the philosophy that the women and mothers are at the heart of their communities, and their empowerment will lead to an empowered population. Ms. Parker has provided more opportunities in the Malindza Refugee Camp by providing education on farming and is in the beginning stages of planting marula trees.