Global Solutions Mission

The mission of Global Solutions is to strengthen, protect and promote the development and empowerment of the African continent and people. Through our mission, our goal serves to help enhance the security of Africa allowing for more opportunity for the purpose of economic growth, job growth, and protecting family values in Africa. Global Solutions helps ensure that Africa is safe, strong and secure through a business model that educates, hires, and uplifts the most qualified African people to carry out our mission for a better and more prosperous Africa.



Global Solutions is a one-stop shop for the development of Africa. Our vision is to guide and assist companies, countries, and individual clients, to work to successfully create opportunities of growth throughout the continent of Africa. We provide clients with impactful intelligence, security, lobbying, as well as support and leadership for business operations.

Our clients’ global dynamic requires a vast protective service knowledge. Our management team mitigates risk, facilitating their agendas’ smooth operation. It is our responsibility to secure our clients’ ability to carry out their agendas without unnecessary risk to their security and reputation.

Global Solutions’ big thinking materializes in our clients’ peace of mind. Every initiative is diagnosed by our senior operators and assessed by our team. The Global Solutions brotherhood lives and operates the motto “Stand with us and you will not stand alone.” Our mission is to provide safety and a channel for uninhibited personal and corporate growth. The pillars that build our brand; Foresight, Endurance, Experience and Knowledge form a promise to all clients. Global Solutions operators are at the top of their respective fields, ranging from threat assessments to covert missions and protective services. Global Solutions provides for governments, corporate executives, and high-worth private individuals.

Our Protective Service offerings include, but are not limited to:

● Protective Security Details and Security Advances

● Safeguarding public image and limiting exposure

● On-location security

● Secure product transport and personal travel

● Preventative security services We utilize our comprehensive Risk Assessment to generate actionable intelligence and provide real-time resolution of threat and prosperity disincentives. We utilize an international African team of security professionals to assist in global operations. Our security teams are fully vetted, highly trained security experts in their region with backgrounds in special operations, intelligence, and international business.




Global Solutions Operators are at the top of their respective fields, providing threat assessments, covert operations, and protective security services to government entities, corporate executives, and high net-worth private individuals. All team members are certified and experienced in High Threat and Low Profile protective security operations, as well as tactical, high speed, defensive, evasive, and off road security driving. Our clients’ global reach requires security personnel with vast protective service knowledge. Our international team of protective security personnel is comprised of decorated and proven experts. The primary role of protective security is to ensure our clients’ ability to carry out their agendas without unnecessary risk to their safety or reputation. To provide for client safety, a comprehensive risk assessment is conducted. This risk assessment is paramount to achieving success. Only through complete understanding of our clients’ needs, can threats be mitigated and success achieved.

In today’s global market our clients’ reputation is as important to us as their safety and security. In order to safeguard public image and limit exposure, each principle client is assigned an Agent in Charge (AIC). These AICs’ are selected from the most experienced, knowledgeable and senior members of our protective security personnel. The AIC oversees the protective detail, and will be with the principal throughout the execution of their daily itinerary. The AIC ensures that meeting and travel deadlines are met, and advises the principal on security threats and necessary modifications to an itinerary. Through this interaction, the AIC becomes an integral asset for the client’s success. A vital asset to the Protective Security Team is our Security Advance Team. These personnel lay the groundwork and set the stage for all meetings and events. The advance team is comprised of risk assessment and site survey experts; knowledgeable of locales, customs and ultimately mitigating risks for the client. The Protective Security Team forms the backbone of any protective security operation, and again these personnel are drawn from the ranks of former Special Operations personnel. The Security Team is comprised of a Team Leader, protective security personnel and security drivers. The Team Leader is responsible for the planning, intelligence analysis and coordination with the AIC to ensure success. The Security Team is responsible for the overall security of the principal, conducting vehicle and on-foot movements, providing site and venue security, and will act as principal recovery and evacuation team if necessary. These individuals will not have assigned fixed positions as versatility and flexibility are integral to their roles. Each member will be equipped and expected to perform effectively in every position on the team. To achieve success, all Global Solutions protective security team members are required to continually meet all of our training and professional standards.





The purpose of our comprehensive Risk Assessment is to realize our clients’ true needs. We are familiar with the ever-changing needs of consumers/clients and the need to be versatile and open to customizing. Our Comprehensive Risk Assessment program is designed to tailor our protective services to each and every client. Our comprehensive risk assessment lays the ground work for a complete pricing structure and generates actionable intelligence. It is not until we are on site and realize the details of your network and operations that we can give a

firm and complete price structure.

RISK CONSULTANTS Our fully vetted operators assist organizations in developing crisis management plans that significantly reduce their exposure to the negative impact of critical incidents. In most cases, a full-blown crisis does not occur overnight. Global Solutions works with clients before the situation reaches a pressure point, providing the real-time actionable intelligence that helps decision-makers take prompt and decisive action that safeguards wellbeing and saves lives.



Evacuation preparedness is the most crucial factor in the likelihood of achieving 100% success during an evacuation. Our in-house consultants experience includes areas of physical security, operations, and intelligence. Our Senior Security Operators utilize their impressive training to produce a global evacuation plan and checklist. Their evacuation planning and management knows no bound. Any continent, any country, state or situation. The Evacuation Plans will be designed to support personnel with a proactive, efficient and effective approach that can successfully activate seamless evacuation anywhere in the world. We equip employees with the ability to react to unplanned events that require immediate decisive action involving multiple components in response to a possible security and/or evacuation scenario. The Evacuation Plans and Checklist will instruct personnel through the processes and steps of evacuating from start to finish.

ON-SITE PHYSICAL LOCATION ASSESSMENTS Our on-site risk vulnerability assessments are conducted by a multi-disciplinarian team who conducts security assessments of corporate and other commercial facilities to identify existing weakness and recommend appropriate cost-effective physical security protective counter measures.

DUE DILIGENCE. Combined with our well known intelligence reporting, Global Solutions provides clients with reliable and confidential domestic and international investigations, duediligence, litigation support, and problem-solving services. We have significant experience and knowledge in intellectual properties, identity theft, forensic documentation analysis, crime scene analysis, access device fraud, money-laundering, embezzlement, bank fraud, intellectual property rights, product diversion and misinformation, misappropriating and counter competitive intelligence.




Global Solutions Emergency Response Team

Global Solutions Emergency Response Team (ERT) responds to natural disasters, kidnapping, outbreaks of violence, secures property, and protects corporate reputation. Whether the event is global or domestic, our ERT operators are available to provide clients with the solutions, backup and rapid response they require.

Global Solutions provides logistical solutions and conducts operations that require speed, precision and on the spot decision-making.


The two chief roles of the ERT are:

● Hostage rescue ● Domestic and foreign counter-terrorism

Secondary roles of the ERT are:

● Apprehending barricaded subjects ● Helicopter operations and rescue missions ● High-risk raids, searches ● Mobile assaults ● Man tracking and rural operations ● Force protection for diplomat or corporate personnel overseas

CAPABILITIES The equipment and procedures utilized by Global Solutions Emergency Response Team are the most advanced in the field of personal recovery. The ERT capabilities are unique in that the team is comprised of former African Special Forces operators (assault and sniper teams). These operators are trained and experienced in areas that are not available with standard tactical teams, such as helicopter operations (rapid insertion and extraction) and HALO (high altitude low opening) / HAHO (high altitude - high opening) operations from fixed wing aircraft. The ERT has the ability "to deploy within seven hours, with part or all of its personnel and resources, to any location throughout Africa. The unit possesses highly-regarded skills such as advanced tactics, night and low-light operations, the ability to operate in a variety of environments, and maritime operations.



The ERT possesses enhanced capabilities in maritime security, including advanced breaching capabilities (the ability to circumvent locked doors aboard a ship), and ship-boarding operations. The ERT has vessels that are outfitted for maritime assaults. Global Solutions also has a specialized maritime team with additional capabilities including subsurface diving, closed-circuit diving (scuba gear that does not emit bubbles), and combat swimming. All operators on the maritime team are military trained in closed-circuit diving and combat swimming. In addition, the maritime assault element has the ability to pilot and operate freighters.

AVIATION CAPABILITIES Global Solutions also operates a Tactical Aviation Unit. The Tactical Helicopter Unit, a subunit of the Aviation Unit, contains a variety of helicopters specially modified for the ERT's use.


Kidnap and Ransom insurance is a part of what is termed political risk or "crisis management protections," The broad term can include any number of coverages from image protection for high profile individuals accused of a disreputable act to the actual coverage afforded to corporate executives and their employees when a physical abduction and extortion results. Policies can be written for a specific individual or can be written on a blanket basis for all employees. Coverage parts include negotiation costs, assistance in locating professional negotiators, medical expenses for post release, counseling as mental rehabilitation, costs for family members to travel to the site of and assist in negotiations, costs associated with engaging the services of replacement employees on a temporary basis while a key employee is held hostage, repatriation expenses and costs for recuperative time as a form of rehabilitation. Obviously the indemnification for any sum paid to third parties to secure the release are also a part of the benefits.





Our Training and experience affords Global Solutions the ability to reside among the top in the Protective Service field. As a premier provider of protective services we offer our clients the most sought-after training. In order to maintain our standing of highest industry regard, Global Solutions utilizes extensive training. This curriculum is now available to your team. Global Solutions HEAT training is multifaceted. We blend Corporate Executive Protection principles and High Threat Protection doctrine with limited resource trauma management.

HEAT (HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT AWARENESS TRAINING) is a reality based program, which provides its participants with practical instruction by combining classroom with real world training scenarios. Personnel from military, civilian federal services, law enforcement, non-government agencies, journalists, corporate executives, and staff will be better prepared while traveling abroad; being exposed to potentially high risk situations and hostile environments. Students will receive 30 contact hours of classroom and practical application/ scenario training conducted over a three-day period. The course (HEAT Level 2) concludes after students participate in real world scenarios. HEAT provides the students the ability to apply the skill sets they’ve obtained throughout the program. This provides positive reinforcement of training received during this immersion program.




Global Solutions Intelligence Team leverages a varied tool set to effectively accomplish any collection mission. Furthermore, the Global Solutions Intelligence Team's group of experienced analysts ensure that raw information is analyzed and processed into usable intelligence, allowing our clients to make informed and forward-looking decisions. Utilizing advanced technology and proven methodologies, the Global Solutions Intelligence Team is able to move beyond industry standard OSINT collection. Our Intelligence Team leverages HUMINT, GEOINT, and SOCMINT capabilities to deliver the most accurate, timely product to the client. Clients have the ability to tailor intelligence products to their needs, allowing for flexibility and rapid scalability. Upon contacting Global Solutions with a collection mission, the Intelligence Team will provide the client with recommendations regarding collection discipline and scope. Each individual mission will require a different tool set for optimum success, and the Intelligence Team is prepared to provide assistance and guidance to best accomplish the client’s objectives.

Global Solutions’ proactive methodology is supported through the foresight and knowledge held by our international covert and business Intel team. Global Solutions’ Intel assets are structured to harness their decades of service and prestige to provide proven accuracy to clients and operators. This strategic apparatus is embedded in every operational environment, performing to the highest standards of quality, accuracy, professionalism, and confidentiality. Every initiative is backed by an intelligence-rich assessment and planning cycle to proactively acclimate resources to the most volatile and competitive climates. Global Solutions provides Intelligence solutions to detect, investigate, and neutralize terror and crime. Our mission is to boost corporations’ or governments’ competitive edge while insulating them from opposition or competitors; providing our clients an informed and resilient global network.


Through their service, in the most volatile high-risk areas in the world, comes the foresight to establish uncompromised channels for individual, corporate, and government travel. The firm foundation for every initiative–established by Global Solutions– can pride travel by land, air, and sea. This foundation ensures travel for our clients anywhere in the world. Global Solutions’ operators are dedicated to providing professional Protective Services to high-risk personnel and their families, corporations, and governments.

The startling truth is hostility in our world is ever-increasing. Threats have become increasingly networked and pose complex dynamic risk to our clients’ interests around the world. It is our mission to utilize foresight and endurance, along with our experience, and knowledge to mitigate our clients’ prosperity disincentives. Whilst in transit, a principal’s vulnerability to oppositional forces increases. Global Solutions utilizes an industry-leading transit network to provide a secure channel for travel. Our secure channel covers all modes of transportation, whether on land, sea, or in the air. We institute Industry leading physical assets to support our Protective Service teams while utilizing the latest in technology





Strategic Council encompasses the collective security and business apparatus. It is intertwined in every business initiative’s agenda providing the positive forward momentum to maintain the appropriate relationships, mitigate negative political exposure, add value to operations, and enhance bottom lines. The third dimension provided by the Strategic Council not only solves problems and minimizes risk, but also supplies an apparatus to assist in advancing on financial opportunities.

Our Strategic Council advisors delicately and effectively balance strategic relations consulting, high-end business intelligence, and political risk management. A seamless and coordinated approach is paramount in protecting the ultimate goals of the client. The strategic Apparatus will provide a robust advisory and implementation approach:

● Strategic Relationships

● High-end Business Intelligence

● Market Specific Due Diligence

● Political Risk Management


● Gather and integrate international intelligence monitoring and analysis.

● Conduct stakeholder audit and consider preparation of opinion polling.

● Generate positive messages and stories in a language and style that appeals to target audience, and determine how to consistently handle difficult issues

● Support political engagement in Washington DC, London, EU and regionally to privately build political allies and to neutralize critical or misinformed opponents.

● Develop International media relations (press, broadcast and Online) to establish constructive information in the public realm and to help insulate client from false attacks.

● Pre-prepared crisis communications strategy and ongoing rapid rebuttals against harmful stories in the media.



Global Solutions’ International Business Expansion Team can provide superior services to all sectors of industry from manufacturing to business development and all service and knowledge sectors in-between. Involvement can be a complete packed solution from entry to exit, or a focused approach to compliment your team.

Global Solutions’ Business Expansion Solutions are supported by volumes of real-world experience. Our teams have the business acumen to navigate the obstacles today’s entrepreneurs are facing, on a global scale.

The issues faced by corporations are very sensitive, requiring leading talent with the experience to tactfully address such areas and navigate the landscape effectively:

● Governance ● Relationship Management ● Operations Planning and Implementation ● Innovation/Technology ● Risk and Regulation ● Sustainability ● Strategy and Growth ● Talent Acquisitions

We realize what it means to expand a business on an international scale and we know how to create unlimited opportunities for growth, particularly in emerging and other fast-growth markets. Advisors and operations technicians are here to serve Global Expansion Implementation, Global Structuring, and Transaction needs.

When you have the support and expertise of Global Solutions you can be confident that your business will reach its highest potential—and stay there.