Strategic Alliances

Burgex Inc.


Burgex Inc. a Utah based mining company offers professional claim staking, mineral exploration, and mining consulting services. Burgex Inc. has staked over 150,000 acres of mining claims and have sampled over 2200 mines and mineral properties throughout the Western United States and across the world for our clients.  Burgex Inc. has been recognized by Insights Success Magazine as one of the Top 10 Most Recognized Mining Service Providers of 2019.

Partnership for a Secure America


Partnership for a Secure America (PSA) is a nonprofit founded by former U.S. Representative Lee Hamilton and U.S. Senator Warren Rudman to advance bipartisanship on today’s critical national security and foreign policy challenges. Leveraging the leadership of its distinguished Advisory Board, PSA has unique credibility and access to forge common ground and fashion thoughtful, fact-based policy that promotes America’s national interests.



Enterprise and Parliamentary Dialogue International is an independent, not-for-profit body which exists to facilitate policy dialogue, to establish a transparent bridge of understanding between parliament and business and to contribute towards more effective economic legislation, for strengthening democracy and national economies. EPDI have worked within established democracies and/or Parliaments in transition for over thirty years, including countries that have a history of conflict, corruption or both. We have developed practical approaches through experience to build the capacity of parliaments.



Under the coordination of the General Commander, General Pietro Passariello, and of the Chief of Army Staff, General Orazio Mezzetti, the organisational chart includes a qualified team that allows fast and precise interventions in every sector of interest. ESIA’s mission consists in supplying support to Governments and Civil and Military Institutions, to contribute to the stabilisation of the territories whereas it’s working, safeguarding and endorse security in all the sectors of its competencies, from the military to the humanitarian field, including cyber and multimedia security.

SRK Consulting


SRK Consulting  provide technical advice on all types of mining methods, for all commodities, in all parts of the world. With offices in 45 countries, they bring a truly global perspective. 

SRK Consulting are world-leaders in fields such as mining due diligence, feasibility studies, mine waste management, permitting, and mine closure.



The DT Circle is an ecosystem created to get the most, out of the value of your data. DT stands for data and is a system built on blockchain, which lives thanks to the value of each member’s data.

DTCOIN is a cryptocurrency, whose value is based on Big data, collected in the DT Circle ecosystem. The information will be used towards selected external companies generating a profit. Much of this profit is sent to the users, allowing to monetize this experience.

Global Solutions Strategic Partnerships